Single A Updates

Current Version: 1.5.2PURCHASE

Updating Your Theme

Unless you have customized the Single A theme by adjusting the HTML or CSS, your theme will update automatically. If you are using a customized version of Single A, you will need to manually update the theme to use our new features. To do this you will first need to disable Custom HTML in the Theme tab, then reinstall the Single A theme from the theme garden. Once you have the new version, you will need to go back into the code to add your custom HTML changes.

Version 1.5.2 Modifications, 01/04/17, Combined Single A Premium with Single A Free (discontinued Single A Free)

  • Added Medium and Vine to social icons.
  • Added the option to choose a Header Image.
  • Added integration for Instagram.
  • Added the option to change background color.
  • Added the option to change dotted border to solid.
  • Added the option to show/hide post icons.
  • Added the option to show the blog title in the header bar.

Version 1.4.7 Modifications, 03/25/16

  • Fixed an issue where one of Tumblr’s Javascript dependencies was conflicting with the version required by our feature library

Version 1.4.6 Modifications, 12/21/15

  • Fixed issue related to Tumblr follow and like buttons not displaying.
  • Enhanced support for native Tumblr videos and Instagram videos.

Version 1.4.5 Modifications, 12/03/15

  • Updated footer link.
  • Added support for fitvids.js

Version 1.4.4 Modifications, 05/21/15

  • Fixed issues with inline images smaller than 500px wide

Version 1.4.3 Modifications, 05/12/15

  • Added support for inline images so they display full width if large enough.
  • Removed Bubuti.

Version 1.4.2 Modifications, 12/05/14

  • Modified text in the footer for a link to Single A Premium

  • Version 1.4.1 Modifications, 12/01/14
    • Added verification for Google Webmaster Tools.
    • Fixed Flickr integration to support SSL-Only access.
    • Removed exfm features.

    Version 1.4 Modifications, 04/29/14

    • Added Bubuti donation button integration.
    • Added Google Fonts and font options.
    • Added Tumblr like button.
    • Added Tumblr reblog button.
    • Added right padding to the avatars in the notes listing.
    • Switched out the URLs used in the sharing buttons to use the Tumblr Short URL.
    • Made a fix to the tweet button integration so that text posts with no titles will include the first few chars from the post (on permalink page only).
    • Removed album art from Spotify and Soundcloud posts in featured post area.
    • Fixed the twitter username issue in the recent tweets section.

    Version 1.3.3 Modifications, 06/13/13

    • Added support for panorama posts.
    • Fixed an issue related to displaying Recent Tweets in the sidebar.

    Version 1.3.2 Modifications, 05/24/13

    • Changed footer link from Business Bullpen to Storyware.

    Version 1.3.1 Modifications, 10/09/12

    • Added the following social network/elsewhere icons: Email,, Dribbble, GitHub, Instagram, and Website.
    • Modified the title of text posts in the Featured Posts section to link to the permalink.

    Version 1.3 Modifications, 04/17/12

    • Added Spotify embed support for audio posts

    Version 1.2.1 Modifications, 04/10/12

    • Fixed an issue related to video and audio posts for the sticky post and featured posts

    Version 1.2 Modifications, 03/30/12

    • Added Pin It to Sharing Features for photo posts and audio posts with album art
    • Added Google+1 to Sharing Features
    • Added “Show Loading Indicator” option
    • Linked the title of text posts in the featured posts section to navigate to the permalink page
    • Linked the photo of photo posts in the featured posts section to navigate to the permalink page
    • Fixed an issue with photo posts when images are less than 500px wide
    • Fixed an issue with using an apostrophe as the sticky tag and featured tag
    • Changed the Storyware link in the footer to the Storyware Tumblr themes page

    Version 1.1.4 Modifications, 11/16/11

    • Fixed issue with featured posts section displaying video posts improperly

    Version 1.1.3 Modifications, 11/15/11

    • Added exfm player with customizable colors
    • Display loading indicator while theme resources and features are being initialized
    • Implemented plugin architecture for theme features
    • Upgraded to requirejs 1.0.1

    Version 1.1.2 Modifications, 11/07/11

    • Resolved issue where the Sticky Post, Featured Posts, and Tweet template code rendered in the Tumblr theme editor
    • Enhanced script loading strategy for better maintenance and performance
    • Upgraded to requirejs 1.0, jQuery 1.6.4
    • Added version number comment to theme markup (for use by BB during support requests)
    • Added new social networks: foursquare, Google+, Spotify

    Version 1.1.1 Modifications

    • Modified Tweet button to include the title of a Text post, Chat post, and name of a Link post when the Tweet button is clicked on a non-permalink page.

    Version 1.1 Modifications, 07/22/11

    • Added social networks: exfm, Lastfm, Pinterest, Rdio, and SoundCloud
    • Re-architected sticky post
    • Moved sharing features to the bottom of each post
    • Added “Blogs I Follow” feature, allowing users to show a list of blogs they follow in the sidebar
    • Resolved Firefox performance issues
    • Updated Flickr logo

    Version 1.0, 04/05/11

    First version of Single A. Full list of features  here.