Single A Premium Customization

If you need help with your Single A theme, you're in the right place! Under the Customize page on your blog, you can make edits to appearance, sharing options, social media links, and more!

Title, Description, Colors & Fonts

Title - The title of your blog will appear in the top menu bar of Single A Premium theme and in the right sidebar. 

Show Blog Title In Header - Toggle ON "Show Blog Title in Header" to make your title appear in the header menu. 

Show Blog Title in Sidebar - Toggle ON "Show Blog Title in Sidebar" to make your title appear in the right sidebar. 

Description - Your description should be an explanation of your blog. It will appear under your blog title in the right sidebar. If you want the description to appear, make sure to toggle the "Show description" option on. 

Font Options:

Font Stack Primary - This is the main font family for your theme. It will be used for your headers. For example, 'Rosario', sans-serif.

Font Stack Secondary - This is the font family for your body text (posts and elsewhere in your theme). For example, 'Oswald', sans-serif.

Google Web Fonts - Go here for more information.

Color Options:

Accent - This sets your accent color for the blog.

Accent Background - This sets the accent background color for the blog.

Background - This sets the background color of the site.

Link - This sets the color of links.

Title - This sets the color for your blog title (in the right sidebar). 

Dotted Line Border - Toggle ON this option to put a grey dotted line around your blog. 

Header & Image Options

Header Image - Add a photo that you would like to appear as your header image (above the header menu bar. Make sure you toggle on "Show Header Image" for your header to appear. 

Logo - You can use the browse button here to upload a custom image that will serve as the logo image in your sidebar.

Stretch Header Image - Check this option to stretch your header image to the full width of the screen. 

Show Links & Sharing

Show Group Features - Single A supports groups blogs. You must check “Show Group Features” in order for Single A’s group options to display on your blog. When this is checked, each post will display the author of the post and link to that author’s primary blog.

Show Post Icons - Switch this toggle in the customize section to show or hide post type icons that appear at the top left corner of each post. 

Show Sharing Features - Metropolis enables you to display share buttons for the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr. Within the customize section, check the “Show Sharing Features” box to turn on this feature. Please note that the Tumblr button will only be displayed at the bottom of permalink posts. The Pinterest button is only used for photo (not photoset) and audio posts (only if album art exists)..

Show Blogs I Follow - Checking this box will display icons of the blogs you follow.

Following Heading - If you have enabled Show Blogs I Follow (above), enter the heading you would like to appear above the display of blogs icons (e.g., “Who I Follow”).

Show Home Link - Checking this box will display a link to the blog’s home page in the menu.

Show Likes - This will display posts you've liked in the right sidebar.

Likes Heading - Customize the heading/label for your likes here.

Enable Like - Toggle ON this option to place a "like" button on your posts. It will appear as a heart and users may click on it to like your post.

Enable Reblog - Toggle ON this option to place a "reblog" button on your posts. Users may click on it to reblog your post.

Social Media

Show Social Network Icons - Toggle ON this option to make social media icons appear under your blog title and description in the right sidebar. Make sure you have added your social media profile URLs to the customize entries (ex. "URL Facebook," "URL Instagram," etc.) for the icons to link properly to your profiles.

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