How do I set up Featured Posts?

Featured posts let you highlight your most recent posts with a particular tag. This is great if you want to highlight posts after they've left your homepage.

Mallow displays featured posts in the sidebar:

Ballard displays featured posts in the footer:

Candor displays up to 4 featured posts by clicking the "Featured Posts" button in the header:

Metropolis displays up to 2 featured posts in the About section:

Explore Tag - Mallow theme only

Mallow has an extra featured posts option. Let’s say instead of featuring posts from your own blog, you want to display the latest posts from one of Tumblr's featured tags. An example of this is the fashion tag, which is displayed in the sidebar of our minimalist design preview blog. Check the “Enable Explore Tag” and then do the following:

  • Insert a Tumblr featured tag in the featured tag text box
  • Define the label for the featured heading
  • Adjust the post count