Single A Premium Updates

Current Version: 1.5.2PURCHASE

Version 1.5.2 Modification, 01/04/17

  • Merged with Single A.

Version 1.5.1 Modification, 03/25/16

  • Fixed an issue where one of Tumblr’s Javascript dependencies was conflicting with the version required by our feature library

Version 1.5 Modifications, 03/07/16

  • Added Medium and Vine to social icons.
  • Enhanced Instagram display in the sidebar to allow for 2 or 3 photos in a row.
  • Fixed issue with Instagram photos display on small screens.
  • Fixed issue with inline images.

Version 1.4.6 Modifications, 12/21/15

  • Fixed issue related to Tumblr follow and like buttons not displaying.
  • Enhanced support for native Tumblr videos and Instagram videos.

Version 1.4.5 Modification, 10/30/15

  • Updated footer links.

Version 1.4.4 Modification, 05/27/15

  • Added Featured Count option so you can define the number of featured posts to show on your blog.

Version 1.4.3 Modifications, 05/21/15

  • Fixed issues with inline images smaller than 500px wide.

Version 1.4.2 Modifications, 05/11/15

  • Added support for inline images so they display full width if large enough.
  • Added image thumbnails to link posts.
  • Removed Bubuti.

Version 1.4.1 Modifications, Introduction of Premium Theme, 12/01/14

  • Added the option to choose a Header Image.
  • Added integration for Instagram.
  • Added the option to change background color.
  • Added the option to change dotted border to solid.
  • Added the option to show/hide post icons.
  • Added the option to show the blog title in the header bar.
  • Added verification for Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Fixed Flickr integration to support SSL-Only access.
  • Removed exfm features.

Version 1.4 Modifications, 04/29/14

  • Added Bubuti donation button integration.
  • Added Google Fonts and font options.
  • Added Tumblr like button.
  • Added Tumblr reblog button.
  • Added right padding to the avatars in the notes listing.
  • Switched out the URLs used in the sharing buttons to use the Tumblr Short URL.
  • Made a fix to the tweet button integration so that text posts with no titles will include the first few chars from the post (on permalink page only).
  • Removed album art from Spotify and Soundcloud posts in featured post area.
  • Fixed the twitter username issue in the recent tweets section.

Version 1.3.3 Modifications, 06/13/13

  • Added support for panorama posts.
  • Fixed an issue related to displaying Recent Tweets in the sidebar.

Version 1.3.2 Modifications, 05/24/13

  • Changed footer link from Business Bullpen to Storyware.

Version 1.3.1 Modifications, 10/09/12

  • Added the following social network/elsewhere icons: Email,, Dribbble, GitHub, Instagram, and Website.
  • Modified the title of text posts in the Featured Posts section to link to the permalink.

Version 1.3 Modifications, 04/17/12

  • Added Spotify embed support for audio posts

Version 1.2.1 Modifications, 04/10/12

  • Fixed an issue related to video and audio posts for the sticky post and featured posts

Version 1.2 Modifications, 03/30/12

  • Added Pin It to Sharing Features for photo posts and audio posts with album art
  • Added Google+1 to Sharing Features
  • Added “Show Loading Indicator” option
  • Linked the title of text posts in the featured posts section to navigate to the permalink page
  • Linked the photo of photo posts in the featured posts section to navigate to the permalink page
  • Fixed an issue with photo posts when images are less than 500px wide
  • Fixed an issue with using an apostrophe as the sticky tag and featured tag
  • Changed the Storyware link in the footer to the Storyware Tumblr themes page

Version 1.1.4 Modifications, 11/16/11

  • Fixed issue with featured posts section displaying video posts improperly

Version 1.1.3 Modifications, 11/15/11

  • Added exfm player with customizable colors
  • Display loading indicator while theme resources and features are being initialized
  • Implemented plugin architecture for theme features
  • Upgraded to requirejs 1.0.1

Version 1.1.2 Modifications, 11/07/11

  • Resolved issue where the Sticky Post, Featured Posts, and Tweet template code rendered in the Tumblr theme editor
  • Enhanced script loading strategy for better maintenance and performance
  • Upgraded to requirejs 1.0, jQuery 1.6.4
  • Added version number comment to theme markup (for use by BB during support requests)
  • Added new social networks: foursquare, Google+, Spotify

Version 1.1.1 Modifications

  • Modified Tweet button to include the title of a Text post, Chat post, and name of a Link post when the Tweet button is clicked on a non-permalink page.

Version 1.1 Modifications, 07/22/11

  • Added social networks: exfm, Lastfm, Pinterest, Rdio, and SoundCloud
  • Re-architected sticky post
  • Moved sharing features to the bottom of each post
  • Added “Blogs I Follow” feature, allowing users to show a list of blogs they follow in the sidebar
  • Resolved Firefox performance issues
  • Updated Flickr logo

Version 1.0, 04/05/11

First version of Single A. Full list of features  here.