Radiant Updates

Unless you have customized the Radiant theme by adjusting the HTML or CSS, your theme will update automatically. If you are using a customized version of Radiant, you will need to manually update the theme to use our new features. To do this you will first need to disable Custom HTML in the Theme tab, then reinstall the Radiant theme from the theme garden. Once you have the new version, you will need to go back into the code to add your custom HTML changes.

Version 1.1.4, 03/25/16

  • Fixed an issue where one of Tumblr’s Javascript dependencies was conflicting with the version required by our feature library.

Version 1.1.3, 12/29/15

  • Fixed issue related to Tumblr follow and like buttons not displaying.
  • Enhanced support for native Tumblr videos and Instagram video.
  • Added option to hide notes.

Version 1.1.2, 5/1/15

  • Removed PeggSite from options.

Version 1.1.1, 4/03/15

  • Added left and right padding to photos and videos.
  • Added support for inline images so they display full width if large enough.
  • Modified tag title on tagged pages.
  • Changed “Full Width Audio Photo Video Posts” option label to Alternating Audio Photo Video Post Layout”.
  • Changed default value for “Show Search”to no.
  • Fixed webkit issue with fixed elements on page with iframe.
  • Fixed mmenu overflow.

Version 1.1, 3/20/15

  • Added option to place header image above the menu/title bar.
  • Header photo now only displays on page 1 (home page).
  • Changed default value of “Show Header Image” option to off.
  • Enhanced the menu/title bar so it sticks to the top of the screen on scroll.
  • Links to social networks in the menu/title bar now appear on small screens.
  • Decreased the max-height of the Title Logo.
  • Added Title Font option for Blog Title.
  • Changed the “Title Font” option to “Primary Font”.
  • Added the option to display the Blog Title in uppercase.
  • Changed default value of “Title Italics” option to off.
  • Changed the display of panorama posts to match photo posts.
  • Fixed issue with links wrapped in a h2.
  • Changed 1000px breakpoint to 900px.
  • Revamped the post sharing display.
  • Changed the default display of photosets to show each image full width. Added option to display the Tumblr photoset as well.
  • Fixed issue with quote post display.
  • Fixed issue with images displaying inside text posts on small screens.
  • Fixed issue with the display of the theme in Preview mode.
  • Fixed issue with Instagram video embeds.

Version 1.0, 12/08/14

First version of Radiant.