How do I install a Tumblr Theme?

Storyware's tumblr themes can be purchased from the Tumblr Theme GardenGumroad, or Creative Market.

Installing a theme purchased on the Tumblr Theme Garden

Tumblr makes this super simple. If you can't figure it out, we suggest you contact  Tumblr support.

Installing a theme purchased on Gumroad or Creative Market

This is not as easy as purchasing through Tumblr, but it's still simple after following these steps.

  1. After purchasing the theme, download the theme to your computer.
  2. The theme will be dowloaded to your computer. If the file is a zip file, unzip it.
  3. There should be one .txt file after unzipping. Open the .txt file in a text editor. We recommend Atom for the Mac or Notepad on the PC.
  4. After you've opened the file, you should be looking at a bunch of HTML. This is the theme code. The entire document should be highlighted (command+A on the Mac or ctrl+A on the PC) and copied (command+C on the Mac or ctrl+C on the PC).
  5. Login to Tumblr (if you haven't already). Do one of the following:
    • Choose your blog from the menu on the top right of the Dashboard, then click “Customize.”
    • Click the Edit Theme button on the top right corner of the web view of your blog (
    • Click the gear icon at the top of the Dashboard to visit Settings. Choose your blog from the menu on the right, then click “Edit Theme.”
  6. You should now be looking at your blog's customize options. A theme will already be installed. It's probably the default Tumblr theme (Optica). Regardless, click on the Edit HTML link below the theme name.

  7. Now you will be looking at a bunch of HTML. Remove all of the HTML that you are looking at and paste the HTML that you copied from your text editor.

  8. Click the Update Preview button. If it looks good, then click Save.

  9. Congrats! Your theme is now installed.